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Real Estate


Using a revolutionary Ringless VoiceMail, MAX VoiceMail Direct can reach thousands of consumers in your market area that are looking to buy or rent properties.

Our system leaves them a voice message, and never disturb or annoy them like “robo-calls” do.

You just wait for potential customers to call you!  And it’s 100% FTC, TCPA and CRTC compliant!

 This is ideal for Realtors and Brokers that we looking to get more leads from potencial sellers, buyers and renters.

Here are a few examples of messages / scripts that we have used when leaving a VoiceMail to prospects and results from the campaigns:

Fulfill Script 1

Hi this is Samantha. I’m calling about your house. I may already have a buyer for your house. We have sold several in your neighborhood lately. Please call me on 404-341-XXXX.

Drops: 220
Call Backs: 16
Script Conversion: 7.2%

Fulfill Script 4

Hi, this is Marissa Bishop calling. We have people interested in purchasing homes in your neighborhood. If you’ve ever thought about selling your home give me a call today at 469-789-XXXX. Thanks, and have a great day.

Drops: 260
Call Backs: 11
Script Conversion: 4.23%

Fulfillment Script 7

Hi, this is Jake Miller with Remax Advantage Plus. I just wanted to let you know that we just sold a home in the Rosemount area, and there are way more buyers than sellers with homes for sale. If you’ve been considering selling your home, please give me a call because we may already have a buyer. My number is 952-649-XXXX. Call now and be prepared for the market to light up after the New Year. Once again, that’s 952-649-XXXX. Thanks.

Drops: 115
Call Backs: 19
Script Conversion: 16.5%

Fulfill Script 2

Hi, this is Steve Johnson with Remax Advantage Plus. I’m doing an Open House for a property that would be perfect for First Time Homebuyers. Please call me at 952-314-XXXX and I’ll give you the specifics.

(Send to renters around the Open House)

Drops: 199
Call Backs: 49
Script Conversion: 24.6%

Fulfill Script 5

Hi, this is Brandon DeGrazio calling with The DeGrazio Group. We have more buyers currently in the Anaheim market than there are homes for sale, which has turned it into a seller’s market. If you have even been considering selling your home, or just want to know how much it is worth in today’s market, please give me a call because we may already have a buyer for your home. My number is 949-386-XXX. again, 949-386-XXXX, and ask to speak to Brandon. Thank you.

Drops: 289
Call Backs: 30
Script Conversion: 10.3%

Fulfill Script 8

Hello, this is Taha Bashir, and I am with Trust Realty. I have a buyer for a house in your neighborhood. Are you ready to sell? Call me at: 858-346-XXXX. Thanks.

Drops: 202
Call Backs: 16
Script Conversion: 7.9%

Fulfill Script 3

Hi, this is Shawn Daugherty with Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby International Realty. We have people interested in purchasing homes in your area. If you’ve ever thought about selling your home, give me a call. My number is 678-916-XXXX. And again, my name is Shawn, thanks.

Drops: 196
Call Backs: 23
Script Conversion: 11.7%

Fulfillment Script 6

Hi this is George Caudill calling. My office just sold a home in your neighborhood in 5 days, and can do the same for you! If you want to know what your house is worth, give me a call at 425-629-XXXX. again that’s George at 425-629-XXXX.

Drops: 214
Call Backs: 24
Script Conversion: 11.2%

Fulfillment Script 9

Hi, this is Michael with Mauer Real Estate. I was calling today to see if you would be interested in selling your home, or just getting a quick estimate of what your home may be worth. Please give me a call back at 815-345-XXX, and ask for Michael. Thanks

Drops: 78
Call Backs: 15
Script Conversion: 19.2%

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